About every corner of Earth with the products of new satellites for Earth Observation: Sentinels.


Earth starts beating and/or Heart starts beating.


In line with the Copernicus free and open data access concept, EarthStartsBeating mission is to reach the far-end users, i.e. the European citizens, not the expert or the scientist but the Space and Earth Observation enthusiastic.
We want tell about scientific observation and curiosities about the Earth through Sentinels’ products. The site shows earth images spanning from geological and atmospheric phenomena to changes due to human presence throughout the years. Earth images are also obtained through elaborations with tools (i.e.: SNAP) and our python / java scripts. Having this target we are working on communication and storytelling, approaching the info publishing in a different way with respect to the typical scientific one.

MAIN COLLABORATORS :  Enrico Giuseppe Cadau, Fiammetta Cerreti , Rosario Quirino Iannone, Fernando Marino`, Giovanna Palumbo, Salvatore Tarchini,

EarthStartsBeating gets financial supports only from the main collaborators team of the website.


Stefano Casadio

Amélié Grassier

The site is open for new collaborations.
Externals Collaborators may submit an article to info@earthstartsbeating.com
The EarthStartBeating team will analyse the article before the publication and the share over Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.



– EARTH OBSERVATION OPEN SCIENCE 2017 CONFERENCE  ( ID 127 EarthStartsBeating an innovative Earth Observation divulgation project)

Would you like to contact us ? Write to info@earthstartsbeating.com

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