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ESB EO browser is an application aimed to allow the users an interactive visualization of global time series of EO data acquired by Copernicus Sentinels missions. The focus of the application is on Sentinel-3 and Sentinel-5p data: those missions have as one of their best potential the capability to observe a single region of interest with a very high frequency, thus to evaluate the variation on the ground and all over the atmosphere of geophysical quantities linked to the health of our Planet.

The application found its own core within one of the development environments offered by the ONDA and is composed by the open worldwind web data explorer (developed by third parties and tailored on the basis of specific needs) and several data processors (designed, developed and maintained by ESB team).

The application allows the visualization of geophysical quantities via the generation of L3 products, namely global mosaic covering a monthly acquisition period. The geophysical data are indeed calculated and processed by the mission’s ground segments, then ESB application offer a global visualization and variation through the seasons mosaicing them in time series on global scale. The processing is not on-the-fly so the users visualize and inspect pre-processed L3 products.

Here below the list of the geophysical quantities global time series (more info at https://sentinel.esa.int/web/sentinel/user-guides):

  • OGVI (OLCI Global Vegetation Index): fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation (FAPAR) in the plant canopy. Dimensionless.
  • OTCI (OLCI Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index): estimates of the chlorophyll content in terrestrial vegetation, aims at monitoring vegetation condition and health. Dimensionless.
  • IWV (Integrated Water Vapour ): total amount of water vapour integrated over an atmosphere column. Expressed in kg*m-2.
  • CHL: Algal Pigment (Chlorophyll-a) concentration, computed using OC4Me algorithms. Measured in mg*m-3.
  • TSM: Total suspended matter concentration. Expressed in g.m-3
  • PAR (photosynthetically active radiation): Quantum energy flux from the sun in the spectral range 400-700 nm. Expressed in µEinstein.m-2. s-1
  • NO2: concentration of nitrogen dioxide gas in the troposphere. Expressed in µmol/m2.
  • O3: total vertical atmospheric column of ozone concentration. Expressed in Dobson Units.
  • HCHO: tropospheric vertical column of formaldehyde. Expressed in peta (10^15) molecules per cm^2.

The database will be systematically updated.